Songs on Youtube!

2013-03-28 14:55:45 by HugLovingPanda

Hello peoples! My songs are on youtube now so if you could give em a watch or even a like that'd help a lot, thanks! os?view=0

Got Scouted!

2013-01-17 17:25:31 by HugLovingPanda

GREETINGS PEOPLE OF NEWGROUNDS! I just got scouted for the audio portal and I'm really happy :3
If anyone needs a guitarist to record some stuff I'm always here to message, ROCK ON.

Me and my guitar

2012-12-23 13:08:19 by HugLovingPanda

Hello newgrounds, my name is HugLovingPanda!
Hm? Of course that's my real name silly! Anyway...I'm a guitarist and a devout follower of classic rock, ROCK ON!